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I became intensely interested in photography right after buying my first point and shoot camera in my mid 30's. In the time since then, I've thoroughly enjoyed shooting portraiture, travel, landscape, product and other commercial work. I've loved working environmentally and in the studio. Instead of specializing in a genre, I was a happy generalist. After losing my wonderful but short lived dog (that's Wookiee above), the images I have of her became very important to me and I also realized how much fun I'd had photographing her and other dogs. Moving forward, I want to focus my diverse photographic experience toward making beautiful (or funny, or conceptual, or...) images of dogs.

If you have an amazing dog of your own who you want to remember always, I hope you'll contact me so that we can collaborate on making a fantastic image.

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Have a question or fun idea for a photo of your dog? Shoot me a message using the form below and I'll get right back to you!

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